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Our Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

GIVE SPACE Who we are?

• We are a learning center. Who want to be a common area for learning and sharing skills in our Community, with a focus on developing children's potential And create international learning standards

What does GIVE SPACE teach?
Level 1 Aqua-tots

1 • Teaching swimming, warm water, salt water, UV sterilization and OZONE is a swimming franchise that
Get the standard From the United States (USA)

2nd floor, Mulino

2 • Teaches all types of universal music such as piano, violin, guitar, ukulele, drum set and
Sing songs etc.

3 • Teaching the art of drawing, painting, making and molding Korean clay

Floor 3 M Studio

4 • Teaching dance, taekwondo, ballet, yoga

4th floor, GIVE-CO

5 • Teach Chinese

6 • English

7 • Mathematics International Course

Teach Coding

At GIVE SPACE we have over 8 years of teaching experience and taught by expert teachers.

Can be called "Learning Center" to promote skills



Want to promote the skills of children But I don't know what you like to study and how to do it?

• Don't worry at all. Parents can bring younger Came to visit the school Allowing children to see the atmosphere of teaching with friends Or make an appointment for the day to weave and try to study it. Able to try all courses

  • swimming school


  • music school


  • language school

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